We’ll be joining the COMBINE team at ICSB 2015 as tutors this year.

During the COMBINE tutorial on modeling and simulation tools and standards, we’ll be giving a talk about the COMBINE Archive and the COMBINE Archive Web Tools. The talk will be followed by a hands-on session in the afternoon.

Date: 25th November, 2015.

We’ll also show four posters at the main conference:

  1. Ron Henkel et al: Common Pattern in Computational Model Reaction Networks (P107)
  2. Martin Scharm et al: Diving into open Model Repositories: Investigating the Evolution of Computational Models (P128)
  3. Dagmar Waltemath and Olaf Wolkenhauer: Issues with and achievements of the reproducibility movement in systems biology (P175)
  4. Vasundra Touré et al: STON, SBGN to Neo4j: Representation of Systems Biology pathways as graph-oriented models (P176)