Funded projects

The SEMS group is funded through the BMBF on the following projects:

The BMBF e:Bio junior research group SEMS (2012-2017) develops standards, tools and methods for the management of reproducible simulation experiments.

The BMBF recently launched the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure. Together with Wolfgang Müller (HITS gGmbH), Dagmar Waltemath is running the node on data management for systems biology, NBI-SysBio (2015-2018).
The focus is on extending the support for COMBINE standards, data curation and model management in SEEK, SABIO-RK and companion tools. We work closely with the FAIRDOM project.

The BMBF e:Bio project SBGN-ED+ contributes to the further development of  the SBGN standard for the visual representation of biological networks and of the libSBGN library to work with SBGN-ML files. We also contribute to the SBGN-ED software.
This project initially ran at the IPK Gatersleben from 2012 to 2014. It is now hosted by the SEMS group until January 2017.