The SEMS project came to an end

As you may have guessed from this website’s quiet news section: The SEMS project came to an end. Tom was bravely holding the fort, spending the last few cents of our budget in July 2017. But do not worry, not all is lost!

SEMS peeps will continue their fights for improved management of computational models on various fronts:

  • Dagmar temporarily tries the real life outside academia.
  • Fabienne continues to do her PhD in Business Informatics.
  • Mariam remains in Rostock, but moved on to revolutionise machine learning.
  • Vasundra moved to Trondheim to work on causal statements and ontologies.
  • Martin and Tom managed to land a new project at the SBI in Rostock to continue work on the versioning front in collaboration with groups from Munich and Heidelberg.

To keep our results and project code available in the future, we are moving most of our stuff to Github: Martin will try to keep most of the tools, prototypes, and demos alive, but probably under different domains. For example, the BiVeS web application already moved to and the Combine Archive Web tool is available from We try to properly redirect browsers and tools to the new locations, but let us know if anything goes wrong.

If you have doubts/questions/miss us do not hesitate to drop SEMS people an e-mail. We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

Also check our Outro.