Presentation at the Joint Workshop on Data Management for Science (BTW)

We were accepted for a presentation at the Joint Workshop on Data Management for Science. The workshop is part of the BTW 2015, the 16th German conference on Database systems for Business, Technology and the Web (16. Fachtagung “Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web”).

At the workshop we will present our recent works on bundling all files necessary to reproduce a simulation result in a COMBINE Archive. In the paper, we showcase how these files can be extracted from our graph database MASYMOS and easily be collected in an archive.

Other talks that are directly relevant to SEMS’ research are:

  • Improving Search Results in Life Science by Recommendations based on Semantic Information (Colmsee et al)
  • Ontology-based Retrieval of Scientific Data in LIFE (Uciteli and Kirsten)
  • Similarity Search in Scientific Workflow Repositories (Ulf Leser)
  • Wo sind bitte die Daten?” Standards, Daten und menschliche Faktoren in der Systembiologie (Wolfgang Müller)

Last but not least, the workshop is of interest to our group, because of the panel discussion on open research questions and possible future directions of data management in the life sciences.