A container for the CombineArchive Web interface

Following the BiVeS-WebApp example, the CombineArchive Web interface jumps onto the Docker hype as well! It is now also available as a container from the Docker hub and we will automatically create new versions of the image with every release of the application.

To run the application just call the following command:

docker run -it --rm -p 1234:8080 binfalse/webcat:latest

This will bind your host’s port 1234 to the interface of the CombineArchive Web application in the container and you’ll be able to access the web interface at http://localhost:1234. There are a few options to run and configure the container, just have a look at the binfalse/webcat Docker Hub repository.

Thus, setting up the web interface was never easier nor cleaner. Plus: You will increase the privacy of your users and may get better performance from your web servers. :)

Let us know if you have problems with the setup.