BiVeS in PMR2

BiVeS as integrated in PMR2

BiVeS as integrated in PMR2

One of our main goals at HARMONY 2015 was to improve the version control of PMR2, as we described earlier. During HARMONY, Tommy Yu, main developer of PMR2, and Martin Scharm already achieved preliminary results.

Today Tommy sent us the first version of BiVeS integrated into the CellML model repository:

go here:

Then click the ‘Compare …’ button. Do the same with:

Now both files should be selected, just pick one as source and the other as target, hit ‘Compare Source with Target’ and watch magic happens courtesy of Martin’s BiVeS WS tool.

Tommy is using the BiVeS web service which he had deployed to one of his servers. This is still a feature in testing (running on staging servers), but will hopefully soon be available on the main repository.

Tommy, you did an excellent job! :)